21 Point Safety Inspection

  1) Check Tire Pressure
3) Visually Inspect Exhaust System
5) Visually Inspect Shocks/Struts
7) Check Steering System
9) Visually Inspect Belts
11) Visually Check Hoses
13) Visually Inspect Tires
15) Check Air Filter (and Breather Element if Installed)
17) Check P/S Fluid Level
19) Check Transmission Fluid Level (on Automatic Transmission
2) Check Brake Fluid Level
4) Check and Fill Washer Fluid
6) Check Oil Level
8) Inspect Undercarriage (for leaks or Drips)
10) Check and Fill Lubrication Points
12) Check Radiator Level
14) Check Radiator Fluid Protection
16) Check Acid/Base Concentration of Radiator Fluid
18) Check Turn Signals
20) Check Lights
  21) Inspect the Drive Axle Condition on FWD Vehicles OR Check the Differentials and/or Transfer Case on RWD & 4WD Vehicles

The 21 Point Safety Inspection is Included With Every Oil Change and Major Repair